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Please take some time to peruse our brilliant Summer Term newsletter. Our school community is just incredible.💚https://t.co/8Ml67pGRei


Just want to say a massive thank you to everyone that donated to our teacher bbq today to give our teachers & staff a well deserved thank you for all their hard work & dedication to our kids.Have a great summer everyone💚#ESJFamily

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A brilliant sports day! And gorgeous weather to accompany it. Thank you to the PE department for the excellent organisation. 🎽👟 pic.twitter.com/XT3wTPpMK2


Just been to see Alice in Wonderland at it was a truly spectacular performance! Everyone involved should be so proud of themselves. Well done and thank you for an outstanding production

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Another brilliant Taster Day for Year 5s. We hope you enjoyed your day and got a flavour of what ESJ is like! We look forward to seeing lots of you at our Open Evening on Thursday 12th September. 💚 pic.twitter.com/Wv59d5hOol


Well done to each and every one of you who took part today, it’s an amazing achievement to raise so much for this great cause!! This will go a long way to help those of us with cancer live longer & It means a lot to us all.. so thank you everyone 😊 Jo Hudgell x

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The opening show of Alice in Wonderland was wonder-ful! A super ensemble cast, excellent musical performances, a professional tech crew, and some beautiful artwork brought Lewis Caroll's masterpiece to life! So very impressive! Please do come along on Thursday night! pic.twitter.com/n7OvUJPlLq

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A big thank you to who was the driving force behind today’s . You were an inspiration to our students today. We wanted 5k for 5k and our school community did it! pic.twitter.com/JN2s00npo2

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Now the turn of the runners! Very proud of our students pic.twitter.com/eMp8VkF0LJ

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Ms Perry and I just finished our 12.5 laps walk for Race for Life 👚! Donate, donate https://t.co/xM1u76leSg pic.twitter.com/mOYGcbMk4H


Good luck everyone! We hope you enjoy the Race 💗


Incredible fundraising event! We are so very proud of our walkers and runners! 💚 https://t.co/JNzwN1dsBA


Last push for donations before the big Race for Life! We are so proud of all students that have signed up fornthis brilliant charity event. 💚💗 https://t.co/Ul1EyLXEQk

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Today we're focusing on music in Forest!Come and join us in September on Mondays at our Community Centre at .Includes our FREE vocal group, plus lessons in Piano, Voice and others.Register for next term here: https://t.co/ExXEBsFYHL pic.twitter.com/KbpXdIFTcj

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We had our very own mock General Election today. 6th Form Politics and History Students led the campaigns for the different parties and officiated the polling, which took place throughout the day. The Diamond Party won a marginal victory! 🗳 📣 💎 pic.twitter.com/3Rd1odmNor


Thank you to our wonderful parents/carers for joining us at the last forum of the year. As always, your views are welcomed. Minutes will be on the website tomorrow. pic.twitter.com/s8qHbP5Efp


A brilliant taster of what is to come! Students and staff are buzzing about this production. 💚 https://t.co/LfhADiXCKw

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This Friday our wonderful ESJ students and staff will be running Race for Life. 🏃‍♀️ 🏃‍♂️ 💚💗 Please donate to this very worthy cause: https://t.co/UzzxyEKoYH

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A beautiful celebration of our students' achievements. A very proud evening for our ESJ community 💚 pic.twitter.com/1IZdtOwCfj

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A brilliant Transition Day for our incoming Year 7s. You behaved impeccably and made us proud. You were committed to new learning and had fun along the way. We are excited to welcome you back in September. pic.twitter.com/TFDuqL5P7n

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Art A-Level

Why study Art A Level?

Art is a course that is both enjoyable and rewarding. It is a chance for you to unlock your creativity and experiment with a range of media, including drawing, painting, digital media and printing. Building on prior skills and knowledge you will develop techniques in a range of artistic styles. You will explore and gain an understanding of the visual world around you and investigate ways to record images and develop your knowledge of genres in art and art history.

The course emphasises the importance of independent learning and self-directed research, exploration and experimentation along with contextual research and academic creative thinking.

Art is not only for students who wish to pursue a career in the artistic industry, it will also allow you to develop transferrable skills such as problem solving, contextual thinking, analysis and greater visual    literacy.

Gallery visits are an integral part of the course and students will be encouraged to visit  galleries.

Course Content

The initial part of the A level course allows for students to explore and practice working in various media through a series of workshops. The intention is to provide a wide range of skills so that when it comes to selecting a theme for The Personal Investigation each can use their knowledge and experience to recall useful processes and techniques.

The Personal Investigation requires students to independently select a theme or concept to explore in depth. Students must be able to show development and refinement of ideas from start to final outcomes. As well as producing a body of practical work the students will also be required to hand in a written response between 1000 – 3000 words. This piece should be closely linked and in support of their practical work.


Component 1: personal investigation—no time limit—96 marks—60% of A-level.

Component 2: Externally set assignment—Preparatory period + 15 hours  supervised time—96 marks—40% of A-level.

Future careers linked to this subject:

The course is a valuable starting point for students considering a career within a creative or media based industry and will promote a questioning and sensitive approach contributing towards a balanced programme of study.

Entry Requirements

Grade 6 in Art GCSE. Students who haven't taken GCSE Art will need to submit a portfolio.

Examination Board


Teachers to Contact:

Mr Venter



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